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Top 3 Property Management Tips

Interested in setting your property management company apart? Of course you are. To lots of renters, property managers can blur together in a faceless mixture of names and numbers. So here are some property management tips to help you get ahead of the pack.

Looking for property management tips? Look no further.

We looked at a few of the top property management companies to see how their policies are different. There are a few essential things that draw tons of renters to these companies, so we’ve noted down these key takeaways in this article. Hopefully, you’ll find these ideas helpful as you’re updating your own policies.

Progressive Pet Policies

It’s important to have policies that reflect what your renters are looking for. That way, they’ll remember you, and they'll be more eager to rent with you. Pet-friendly apartments are seeing an explosion in popularity, especially because so many people decided to adopt furry friends during the COVID pandemic. This means that “no pets allowed” buildings, expensive pet rent, and other unfriendly pet policies could be holding your rentals back. Taking a progressive and thoughtful attitude towards pet ownership will set you apart from the crowd. You could even think about offering some pet amenities!

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Flexible Payment Schedules

COVID has put a lot of folks in a tight spot regarding their finances, and unfortunately, that’s going to disappear as soon as we might hope. You might have more tenants who need a different way to pay their bills than the usual monthly chunk out of their wallet. Why not offer a more flexible payment plan? You could let tenants pay in smaller increments more often, to give one example. Having options would make your rental properties attractive to a much wider range of tenants. 

Listing with Dwellsy

And our last tip is…drumroll please…list with Dwellsy! And we’re not just saying that because we think we’re cool. Dwellsy is the largest database of rental units in the country, with over 11 million and growing. Renters search Dwellsy for realistic, affordable options when they’re looking for their next home. You want to be among those options.

Here’s the best part: listing with us is easy. Click the link below or scan the QR code. Choose Dwellsy Feed if you’re a professional property manager.

List with us!

We hope these property management tips help attract more renters to your properties. If you list with us, we’ll do the best we can to make sure aspiring tenants find you.

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